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Welcome to our website. This site is being developed not as a sale site but as an assistant to our current and future clients for ease of obtaining  the necessary tools to operate your business under the theory of  KISS-Keep It Simple Smarty.

We offer a varied and wide range of services from payroll and monthly bookkeeping to resolving complex tax issues and problems with different taxing authorities to preparing and filing tax returns for businesses,individuals and estate trust clients.

We also can set a business up from the intial idea of a business to operating in the correct and most advantageous entity setting (ie., sole proprietors,partnerships,corporations.)

We guide, and assist with financing options such as obtaining mortgages, refinancing, budgeting to setting up and help manage retirement programs and information on medical insurance plans.

We team together to suggest what you could do to improove your business profit.

Those indidviduals who find themselves in debt we are usually able to work out a manageable solution to keep you from the high cost of bankruptcy courts.

Site Features

The Calculator section helps figure the correct W4 withholdings and a tool for figuring monthly payments on a mortgage.

Forms and Worksheets are for Businesses

Links -to websites that may be of interest to you with valuable information

Tax Checklists-Informational worksheets to help in the ease of preparing your yearly tax returns both businesses and individuals.

We hope you find this site helpful and would appreciate any comments e-mailed to us via the contact tab.