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      We are now celebrating our 20th year of servicing businesses and individuals here on the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach  SC.
Thank you to all who made this possible.

     Besides clients here we also have clients in several other states and Canada.  We  do all  types of businesses including but not limited to:  retail, construction, entertainment, domestic and many service industries. We also have had the opportunity to service the film industry several times and to our credit the film "Transamercia" starring Felicity Huffman is one of our past projects.
God rest his sole to the legendary "Bobby Helms" was one who we had the honor to have as a client.

David A Gatti:
       After obtaining a BA in Business from Montclair University in Upper Montclair NJ with a concentration in Accounting and Management I entered the corporate world, and after over 10 years experience in the corporate setting running and operating the general and inventory accounting departments for Schering-Plough Pharmacutical,  Ilford a divison of Ciba Geigy and a BASF flavor and fragrance division. After a corporate buyout an opportunity presented me to move on to create a service that many people could benefit from my experiences.
        Raised in New jersey, I came to embrace the beauty, the Grand Strand had to offer. My wife and I felt this was the right place to raise our family and begin our business. We then moved here to the Grand Strand .
        South Carolina licensed as a Accounting Practitioner. Which simply means I have to maintian accreditation thru continuing education yearly. I can do everything a CPA can except audit of books.
        For ten years I was the accountant at St Michael Catholic Church in Garden City until the demands of our practice made it impossible to continue there. This was a very enjoyable and gratifying experience in working with the people of St Michael.
        Currently I volunteer as the treasuer of the Horry County Mental Health Association.